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Malek-e Zaman Shahsavan Inonloo of Bo'in Zahra region of Ghazveen

Malek-e Zaman Shahsavan Inonloo of Bo'in Zahra region of Ghazveen
ملك زمان شاهسون اينانلو- بوئين زهراى قزوين -آذربايجان

ملك الزمان شاهسون اينانلو از بوئين زهراى آذربايجانMalek-e Zaman was the daughter of Nematollah Khan and Princess Manijeh Qajar. She went on to marry Abdolmajid Shahrdar, a young military officer in Reza Shah's newly reorganized army. She also inherited much of her family-owned villages in Bo'in Zahra region of Ghazveen that was eventually taken away from her by Mohammad Reza Shah's Land Reform ( Eslahateh Arzi) during the White Revolution. It was very common for her villagers and Katkhodahs (village headman) to visit her at her house for resolution of disputes. She would also inspect her villages frequently on horseback to see the condition of her villagers firsthand.

Malek-e Zaman was widowed when she was a very young woman, yet her fortitude in leading her family and managing her family's posessions during a very difficult period in Iran's history (World War II etc.) is a testament to the strength of Iranian women and her noble linage.

Sadly the villages at Bo'in Zahra were hard-hit by the recent earthquackes in Iran.

Princess Manijeh Qajar

منيژه قاجارمنيژه قاجار٬ بؤيوك قارداشى و كيچيك باجيسى ايله

Left: Manijeh Qajar in between older sisters and younger brother held by Lala Bashi [cheif tutor].
Right: Manijeh Qajar as a student in Russia.

Born in Russia to a Georgian wife of Prince Mohammad Ali Qajar and educated in St. Petersburg, she was subsequently sent to Iran where she married Nematollah Khan Salar Amjad a General in Naser al-Din Shah's army and the powerful Cheif of the Inonloo Branch of the Shasavan tribe. She died during childbirth at the age of 28 while giving birth to daughter Malek-e Zaman.


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